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Laurus College Career Center

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Welcome to the Laurus College Career Center!

       In accordance with the overall mission of Laurus College, the purpose of the Career Services Department is to engage, assist and partner with students in their journey to meaningful and gainful employment. This partnership includes providing students with helpful and relevant career based resources, tools, materials, information and support throughout their professional journey in their chosen vocation. Career Services staff takes great pride in assisting and preparing students to make a positive contribution and impact the community workforce.       

       Students will find resources to assist them in not only finding employment but more importantly, developing a career. Among other services, the Career Centers provide career counseling, assistance with jobsearch strategies and techniques, mock interviews, resume and cover letter review, etc. We also assist students in establishing and developing their professional network, researching the labor market and provide self assessments that can help shape their vocational future. The programs at Laurus College are concentrated and accelerated to allow students to gain the necessary job skills needed for their field. Students are prepared to be "job-ready" anywhere between 9-18 months after starting a program.                                                                                                                                                                                

       Although Laurus College does not guarantee job placement following graduation, the Career Services staff partners with students (both on campus and online) in their jobsearch efforts to assist them in locating employment opportunities after graduation. Various resources are available to assist students in navigating the workforce community with helpful tools and techniques to successfully acquire employment in their respective field of certification.

       There are many ways for students to connect with Laurus College and the Career Services Department - by checking out our blog, joining our LinkedIn group, liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter!